MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

Welcome to the newbie's guide on how to get stronger on MU Origin 2 or get fast levels. Here are the best tips and tricks to get higher BP (battle points) on MU ORIGIN 2 and ways to maximize your EXP for a higher level up.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies


Give priority to doing Basic Quests or the Main Quests first as they give your character higher EXP and Gold when you have completed them. Once you are unable to continue doing Main Quests because of your character below the required level, perform Side Quests, followed by Daily Quests. Tap on the quest you want to complete on the left side of the screen on the search tab and the game will automatically do the search for you and start the task without you doing anything but you must monitor your character because some other player stronger than you trying to kill you in the event.Always prioretize the Main Quest once available  Unlock new features as you fortify your character.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

2.FINISH ALL: Events and Dungeon

Make sure to complete all daily Events and Dungeons daily (Look for Main Menu(Upper Right Corner)> Event) (Main Menu> Dungeons). Aside from EXP, you will also have different items that are useful to increase your character's BP. Some of the events / Dungeons will give you exp/activity points  once you complete it. Here are some of the Daily Events / Dungeons I would like to recommend doing everyday:


EXP Dungeon  – Its one of the best ways to get lots of EXP. It can be done the EXP dungeon 2 times per day.

Arena Player Kill(PK) – This is where you can battle/fight against other players to rank  up in the standings. The higher the ranking, the better the rewards of Fame(you can use this in Alliance Shop or Upgrading Skills) and Hero Tokens). Hero Tokens can be exchanged at the Warrior Shop (Main Menu>Store>Warrior Shop).I suggest for Hero Token once you have enough token you must focus to upgrade your ULTIMACY SKILLS (Main MENU>Skills>Upgrade>).Ultimacy Skill can be purchase in Warrior SHOP(Store>Warrior Shop>Ultimacy).

Demon Hunt Operation  – You can defeat elite monsters which will drop loot containing unbound materials.

Land of Trial – Another way of getting tons of EXP. It takes 30 minutes every day. I recommend use the EXP card (200% - 300% EXP - 500% EXP(VIP 3-15 member only) boost) from your backpack before doing the Land of Trial.

Greed’s Cavern (Solo) – Best way to gain lots of Gold. Can be done once a day.

Demons Tower – You may challenge the tower where you can battle against enemies/monsters for each floor. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies are but better the rewards.You can loot Rock's Feather and Hawk's Spark and this item is important to upgrade your character wings.

Treasure Map – Can only be done if you have ‘Treasure Map’ available items from your backpack.

Supply Gathering - aside from exp dungeon and land of trial this is also the other way to gain a lot of EXP. You have to get some  Cobalt Vein and exchange it to Sarrona in Devias map.

Auto Grinding - if you are done from all events and daily quest you can use the auto battling just go to any map spot and use the auto-play to gain some exp and loot some material.I suggest when you are in auto play better use  EXP card.

EXTRA EXP- some player missed this event you can gain lot EXP in WORSHIP. 

1.Best Power Worship - you gain EXP by worshiping the most higher power in your server.Go to LORENCIA MAP find the statue and see it in the left chase in the center map.

2.Roland Castllean Worship - you gain EXP by worshiping the roland leader in your server.Go to LORENCIA MAP find the statue and see it in the right chase in the center map.

3.Ranking Worship - you can gain EXP in the top 10 strongest player in your member.(MAIN.Ranking >Click Worship).It can be done 10 times a day.


Spirit Ruins(Party)- its important while entering this event you must be complete in 5 members in the party to finish all the floors(15/15).The events reward are: crystals,ancient spirit egg (blue,violet,orange) and insight powder.You can use this material to evolve or upgrade your spiritsor gain new spirit.

Kalima (Party) -you can finish this event at-least 2 members in the party. You can loot rare items and materials.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

3.  Time-limited Events

There are also 'Limited Events' that you can make for more rewards, gold,exp,materials and unbound items.Just check the Remaining Time for each Hour-limited Event so you will not miss any of these. Here are some of the 'Limited Time Events' that I recommend to do's:

Ironblood Path(PK) (Solo/PArty) – This mode is a 5v5 multiplayer where the team who does the most damage to the Gargoyle boss will be the winner.It is best to have complete members in a party because if you play in a solo mode your other member is bot.

World Boss (Solo/Party) - Every day, world bosses in each map will regularly show in every place where you can kill them for the loot containing unbound gems and gears that you can trade and sell.All unbound items are rare items.

Trial of Angels –  This is where you can destroy the boss for rewards. The ranking will be based on how much your character has dealt with boss damages. Higher ranking, better rewards of exp and pink diamonds.

Roland’s Feast – open every 21:00 where you can join the feast and gain EXP.

Alliance Quest - you can earn lots of EXP reward by just finishing the alliance quest also.I recommend to do this task every open of bonfire event open time daily 20:00 because your will gain 2 times EXP reward.

Alliance Bonfire - it is important to have a alliance to join this event and you can gain EXP and ALLIANCE CONTRIBUTION. You can use the alliance contribution by upgrading skill or exchange in Alliance Shop.

Alliance Quiz- during the bonfire event all players can gain lots of EXP reward by answering the question.

Donation-  Always make a daily donation in you alliance and in exchange you will earn ALLIANCE CONTRIBUTION.Make sure to tap on the (upper) glowing chests to claim free rewards.

SKILL -  a side from upgrading your skill in your character you have also extra BP skills in your alliance that can help you to increase your BP(Battle Points).

Blood Castle (Multiplayer) – You can work with other players (increased drop rate + EXP) to defeat monsters for EXP and gems. Requires Transparent Cloak.

Devil Square (Multiplayer) – You can work with other players (higher drop rate + EXP) to defeat monsters for EXP and gear. Requires Devil Square Ticket.

Do not worry if you miss out on any of the Events that day. You will be able to collect prizes for Events that you have missed the next day. To collect them, tap 'Bonus' from the main menu then go to 'Retrieve'. You will need Pink Diamonds to collect them.It is better to complete all task because some item are not package in retrieve items.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

4. Monitor your backpack

You can get chests or items for your character that you can not notice so always check your character's backpack to see all the items . If you have a gear with a higher BP than your current gear, always change them to provide increase BP that help with your character. If you have chests, open them immediately as they contain special items that will help you further in the game. Most items can only be used from the Backpack so just tap the item you want to use and tap 'USE'. Do not sell,recycle or put in horcrux  all unwanted gears as you would later use to upgrade your item.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

5. Upgrade Character Skills

Once you get access to your character skills, make sure to upgrade all of them to increase your BP and skill level. There will be a total of 9 capabilities you can upgrade 8 actives and  1 passives kill that require Golds. Note that every subsequent upgrade increases the gold requirement to upgrade. When the skill level reaches the level of 160, you can activate its Predictive Skills to gain more impact on that skill and additional increase of BP. However, you will need extra items depending on which capability you choose.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

6. Enhance all your gear

If you have Emperor's Tomes and Gems you can use them to enhance all your gear to provide additional features . Each Enhanced level will require some types of Gems to enhance. There are several ways to get different types of Gems from Treasure, Land of Trial, Blood Castle, World Boss, Lost City, Temple and Market Purchase.To enhance your item (Tap Avatar Icon>Enhance>Select item you want to enhance).To upgrade your item(Tap Avatar Icon>Craft>Gear) before you upgrade the gear you must have at-least 3 the same gears.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

7. Crafting

The crafting feature (Tap avatar icon> Craft) is where you can only craft some items and gear. Here are some of the items / gear that can be done:

Item Craft – You can make the same Devil Square Ticket (Devil Square) and Transparent Cloak (Blood Castle). Tap the item to know where to get them.You can loot the materials the field or purchase in marketplace.

Fruit Synthesis – You can craft fruits which can be used to upgrade your character (Requires 150000 Gold, Gem of Maya and Gem of Creation.You must also focus to this crafting because it will gives you permanent BP.

Gear Upgrade – This is where you can upgrade your gear's rank to a higher rank (Requires Gold and Pink Diamonds).

Archangel – Requires 3 gear at the  same type and rank.

Gem Crafting – This is where you can upgrade your gems to increase its stat effect. They can be used to enhance your gears (Tap Avatar Icon>Enhance> Inset).

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

8. Wings

If you have Rock's Feather items you can use them to upgrade your character's wings to increase BP (Main Menu> Tap avatar icon> Wings). Each rank has 10 levels. Upon reaching level 10, you will need Hawk's Spark to move to the next rank. Rock feather items can be recovered from the dungeon and the Demons Tower.You can also purchase in Store (Store>Pink Diamond)

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

9. Glyphs

The Glyph feature unlocks reaching 200 levels. To get the Glyphs, you can get them by purchasing them from the Market or by making the Lost Tower.They can also be improved to increase its stats more by using unwanted Glyphs as enhancement materials. Glyphs can be abolished for materials (Only for blue and rarely above).

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

10. Spirit

You will unlock to  this features once you reached the level 220. You can also upgrade your spirits using Crystals or 'Star Up' them using Spirit Stones. There are many ways to get more + spirits, by opening the treasure of the treasure (Main Menu> Treasure> Spirit Treasure) or making Spirit Ruins Party in Dungeon Task.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

11. Other ways to increase your character’s BP

Assign (From stats) – Every time your character levels up, you get stat points. These can be used to increase statistics for your character. You can reset your statistics by tapping 'Reset' and ressting stats is free below 200 level.

Fruit (From stats) – You can use fruits to gain permanent  stats for your character.

Horcrux – This is where you can use your unwanted gear and recycle for Horcrux EXP. All stats will be increased every level up of the Horcrux.

Evolve – When your character reaches a certain level, you can change your character to increase their stats great. You will also need the Emperor's Tome and sooner different item needs.

Sigil –To upgrade this sigil you need Fame. Fame can be obtained in Arena PK, Ironblood Path and Red Fortress.

Title –This is where you may free up and equip titles by way of completing their requirements.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

12. Join an Alliance

If you have no alliance better to join now because you miss a lot of features:

Red Packet – You can send red packets includes Gold and Pink Diamonds to your Alliance members (Requires Diamonds).

Foundation Dividend and Pack – Tap on them to collect free rewards once they are ready.

Skill –  Upgrade your  passive skills.

Alliance Shop – You can exchange your Alliance Contributions for different items.

Instill - feature where you and your chosen Alliance member perform an Instill ritual and gain some EXP. (Tap avatar icon>alliance>member>instill).It is better to perform this while in bonfire event for 2 times EXP.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

13. Daily Logins / Other Features

Even if you do not play this game often, I suggest that at least log in daily to collect prizes in Login and Sign-In . Also, check out the Bonus feature, Event Event and the Carnival where you can complete them for more rewards. To access the Alchemy feature, go to your backpack and tap the '+' icon at the top right of the screen. This is where you can collect free Gold, Fame and Alliance contributions daily.Addition with that always check their Facebook page from some limited events and rewards.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

14. Check out the Store

Ensure to check the shop from the main menu in which you can buy items the use of extraordinary currencies. As you continue to play, you recognize which you continually run out of potion you can purchase them from the gold store.

MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies

15. Purchasing Diamonds

After playing this game shortly, realize that some of the quests are hard to complete and the Market items can only be purchased through the Diamonds (Blue Diamonds). If you're going to spend a lot of time in this game and want to boost your character's BP faster than the rest, it's best to recharge blue diamonds with real money(Player to Cash LOL). In rewards with your purchase you can get some limited items and features as you become VIP member.

This game is available bot Android and IOS.You can also play this game in PC.Download MU ORIGIN 2 PC. Your computer must have GPL 2.0 for better graphics play.

It is nice if you read my tips and tricks on how to level up fast in MU Origin 2.Leave me some comment if you need some further question.


In my reviews regarding graphics and performance MU ORIGIN 2 is amazing try watch this gameplay.


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Pinoytut: MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies
MU ORIGIN 2 : Guideline Level Up Fast For Newbies
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